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Eulogy for a kind colleague

Terry Walker
Terry Walker

A long time friend and colleague passed away this week.
He was only 67, but Terry Walker squeezed every drop of goodness from life.
He was a sports mad journalist, (the son of a sports mad journalist), who worked as a reporter/producer in CBC Toronto for many years.

He covered Olympic games, Grey Cup, breaking sports and investigative sports.

Terry didn’t burn to lead the newscast, and make headlines, but he respected those who did. He loved his job, his friends, his life.

He had a rare ability to savour each day, laugh often and deeply, and not spend years and a career postponing happiness until all the stars aligned.

Many of us take years to learn that, if we ever do. But Terry’s gift was his capacity for contentment, his utter lack of envy, and his innate kindness. That is what lead him to become a union volunteer, the president of CMG at CBC Toronto for many years. It’s not a stretch to say he may have helped more people than the HR department. He didn’t need the added pressure, no one does, but Terry was so distressed by unfairness, when someone was being bullied, harassed, or unfairly singled out, he felt compelled to speak up.

During the 2005 lockout as we circled the Toronto broadcast center with our picket signs, Terry as the Toronto CMG president was at the helm basically sleeping onsite. He was passionate and compassionate as he helped lead us through a pressure cooker lockout.

Usually it started with a joke, but behind his one-liners was a kind, kind man. That’s why I will miss him, he brought laughter and joy to anyone near him.

We are not all called to be stars, but we are all called to be kind, and that’s what Terry excelled at.

A celebration of Terry’s life will be held Saturday, May 14, from 3 p.m to 6 p.m.

Mount Lawn Funeral Home
21 Garrard Road
Whitby, ON

In lieu of flowers there will be requests for 2 specific donations if people so choose.  The funeral home will have information.


Carmel Smyth
National President for the Canadian Media Guild (CMG)

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