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Finding solutions at the CBC bargaining table

Last week, we made further progress on a number of key files, including benefits for people working in the North and isolated locations, and began discussions on precarious work and special leave.

We also came up with some solutions that we believe will further the well-being of employees, in particular relating to schedules and the ability to claim all the hours we are required to work. We recognize that this has become more complicated with the advance of digital technologies and the use of personal devices.

Talks are also underway about ensuring employees are provided with the equipment needed to do media work in the 21st century, including mobile phones and other devices, and to protect our privacy no matter what device we use to access CBC email and other applications.

We are scheduled to meet again the week of November 19 to continue discussions on non-permanent work and special leave. We also expect to begin discussions on provisions for foreign correspondents and CBC employees posted outside of Canada.

Negotiations on pay and benefits will come later in the process; we plan to get to those early in the new year and hope to have a full agreement on all of the issues before the expiry of the current collective agreement at the end of March.

We hope that these negotiating updates are helpful in keeping you up to date with the talks. We know that some of you would like to see more detail in these notes. Given that nothing is agreed to until everything is agreed to, we are limited in the amount of detail we can share on a weekly basis to keep the process on track. We continue to consult with local CMG representatives as needed and, of course, are guided by the priorities and ideas that you have shared with us since last May. We are appreciative of the support you have given us.

The CMG bargaining committee at CBC:

Sujata Berry
Carolyn Dunn
Stéphany Laperrière
Harry Mesh
Pierre Millette
Pauline Pemik
Naomi Robinson
Jonathan Spence
Olivier Desharnais-Roy, CMG Staff Representative
Karen Wirsig, CMG Staff Representative      

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