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For the price of a cup of coffee

So who’s covering the big picture on what’s happening with local TV, including the fire sale of a series of small-market TV stations across Canada over the last six months by conglomerates Canwest and CTVglobemedia? Who suggests the shuttering of the Red Deer station, which found no bargain-basement buyer, and the resulting loss of local news in rich Alberta’s third largest city, is like Sherbrooke, Quebec, suddenly losing its local news coverage?

Le Devoir. It happens to be one of the only large-city daily newspapers in Canada that is not owned by a media conglomerate.

The “local TV matters” campaign – run by the major networks who have been using their local stations, including the ill-fated one in Red Deer, as bargaining chips to get access to cable fee revenues – is only mentioned toward the end of the article.

Meanwhile, the networks’ “campaign” was the story earlier this week in many of the country’s major daily newspapers. The ones that are connected through their media conglomerate owners to the those same campaigning networks.

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