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Good tidings to you … and a pound of resolve for 2012!

In this season of joy and celebration, our festivities are tempered by concerns about the future. But even as our livelihoods are under attack, we can summon strength from our collective resolve and sense of purpose.

From the beginning, Canadians have relied on The Canadian Press as an objective source of quality information across the country and we must never forget that we, employees of all stripes, are the ones who make CP what it is by churning out insightful journalism and upholding the highest of standards and integrity. We ARE The Canadian Press.

The coming year will likely be a turbulent one for all of us, perhaps even more so than was 2011.

We go forward into 2012 knowing we have the strength and determination to do what is right, to make our workplace something of which we can continue to be proud. In the new year, we will present a plan for the future that is about building, not destroying, and we must be prepared to fight to see it through.

May you all find moments this holiday season that make your hearts sing and that bring smiles to your face and those around you.

Terry Pedwell
CP Branch

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