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Great news needs great supporters

A recent Friends of Canadian Broadcasting poll showed 81% of Canadians support maintaining or increasing funding to the CBC. Why? Because it protects Canadian culture and identity, and is important source for uniting the country.

Today I had the pleasure of reading an email from a passionate supporter of public broadcasting to her MP Bernard Trottier,  asking if “he was one of the conservative MP’s introducing petitions to de-fund the CBC.” She went on: “I wanted to make sure you knew I would strenuously object to such a notion and hope that, as my representative in Parliament, you are not one of the signees of such a petition.”

The writer, a health practitioner, asks Trottier to explain why the Conservatives supported funding the CBC during the 2011 election. “If one cannot depend on commitments made during an election period, what’s the point for voting for a party?…”

Well said!  And thank you Ms. S for your support and tenacity. Millions of Canadian’s agree with you.



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