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Guild and Shaw management work through scheduling issues and staffing levels

On November 26, 2012, your union executive met with Shaw management in our regular Joint Committee meeting.  This is a quarterly meeting in which we bring forward issues in the workplace and other concerns of our members.

This was a  productive meeting in which we discussed issues around scheduling in Master Control.  It was agreed that the company will look into a better process to post schedules and manage vacation requests. It was also agreed that going forward, email requests for annual leave will be accepted, eliminating the possibility of misplacing requests.

We also discussed staffing levels and understand that the Dalet process is still being worked out. It is hoped that a vacancy in the presentation editing area will interest internal candidates and that people will apply for the subsequent postings.

We were also able to raise concerns around “preditor” positions and how their work meshes with the rest of the unit. It was agreed that this is a continuing conversation and that both management and your union will look into how the work is defined and the processes involved.

A reminder about your benefit package: Your benefits are enshrined in the Collective Agreement; this is the package that is your right as an employee. Please take the time to look carefully at what is available to you here.

Our next Joint Committee meeting is scheduled for March 2013. We will give you an update at that time, and if you have any questions, or if there is a particular issue concerning you in your department, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of your Executive or our staff representative, Terri Monture terri@cmg.ca.


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