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Guild and TVO to meet next in early April, major issues on the table

Your bargaining committee and representatives from TVO will go back to the table to attempt to reach a new collective agreement the week of April 7. In the meantime, both sides have agreed not to take any steps toward strike or lockout action.

Last week, 80% of CMG members voted in favour of strike action at TVO if no agreement can be reached at the table. The CMG bargaining committee hopes that this strong demonstration of your support will help pave the way to a settlement without a work stoppage.

The key issues that need to be resolved at the April meeting are:

? A requirement that the employer fully consult with employees and the union at times of significant change in the organization. Similar language exists in other collective agreements. We think employees are entitled to know when important changes are being considered and to offer suggestions to make the situation better for both the organization and the employees.

? Layoff and recall language that respects employees’ seniority in the event of a downsizing and allows them to maintain their employment in remaining jobs that they are qualified to do. Without such rules, management can play favourites and use the pretext of layoffs to target particular employees, which erodes the rights of all members.

? Flexible work and time off arrangements that allow employees to better balance the stresses and demands of home and work life

? Wage increases that factor in the cost of living.

The official results of the strike vote held February 20 to 22 are as follows:

Total number of ballots cast: 40 (78.4% of eligible voters)
Yes: 32 (80%)
No: 8 (20%)
One ballot was rejected.

We will keep you informed over the coming weeks to any developments.

Your bargaining committee

Carol Burtin Fripp
David Hawkins
George Pyron

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