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Guild at TVO congratulates Steve Paikin on Order of Canada

On behalf of all Canadian Media Guild members at TVO, the branch executive extends hearty congratulations to our colleague, Steve Paikin, on his recent appointment as Officer of the Order of Canada.

Steve PaikinFive nights a week for almost two decades Steve has anchored current affairs programs on TVO, Ontario’s educational broadcaster. He practices exemplary journalism with his energetic, focused determination to probe and share in discovering how the dots connect on issues that matter to people.

Steve’s colleagues understand it’s his work ethic and high journalistic standards in the service of the public that have brought him this recognition.

“I realized when I left the CBC I was leaving the national spotlight and the rewards and awards that might bring. But I was attracted to TVO because of the work, the place and the people,” Steve explains.

The consummate multi-tasker eyes a newscast, tweets, catches up on email and composes a blog as he reviews research for the Agenda. He references Woody Allen in response to the Order of Canada announcement: “I’m not an awards kind of guy. I haven’t given the meaning of it much thought.”

“We tend to think of people who get them [Order of Canada laurels] as spectacular,” Steve says. “My mom’s got one and she’s a superstar for all the stuff she’s been involved in – she deserves it. I don’t think of myself in that class.”

It is apparent Steve’s joy comes from doing, and he says his son Teddy gets that. Teddy’s response to the announcement that his father would be presented the Order of Canada – “Dad, that’s ridiculous.”

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