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Guild continuing discussions with CBC on budget shortfall

The Guild is continuing discussions with CBC management on impacts of the Corporation’s anticipated budget shortfall for the coming fiscal year. The 2009-10 budget was approved by the CBC board of directors Tuesday.

The Guild will participate in a joint meeting this week, involving management and all CBC unions, to discuss ways to limit cuts to programs and employees. The CMG will make proposals to avoid permanent layoffs and cuts that involve both voluntary and across-the-board measures.

In the meantime, we are also trying to keep up the pressure on the government and Parliament to provide financial relief to CBC/Radio-Canada to avoid cuts. As well, we continue to push for a long-term improvement to public funding. Click here to read the open letter we sent to Heritage Minister James Moore.

We also urge you once again to contact your MP to underscore the importance of CBC/Radio-Canada. We have created some proposed talking points you may use in a meeting or written communication.

Like you, we are waiting for CBC management to provide a clear picture of how it plans to proceed in the coming year. Until then, it is not useful or constructive for us to speculate about what may or may not happen. We are committed to sharing all concrete information we can with you as soon as possible.

Marc-Philippe Laurin
President, CBC Branch

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