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Guild endorses Motor Vehicle policy at The Canadian Press

Since the company issued its Operating a Motor Vehicle on Company Business policy, there have been enough comments and questions from members that it made sense for the Guild to issue a note about how it should work.

First, the Guild endorses this policy completely. It is in accordance with the laws of many provinces and is designed to protect The Canadian Press and its employees from liability in the event of an accident. We also care about your health and safety.

Members should not ignore or break the rules. There are no exceptions. This is not a nudge, nudge, wink, wink policy.

This means:

* You do not answer the cell phone or Blackberry while you are driving. Find an appropriate and safe moment and location to pull over and check and respond to messages.
* You do not text while driving ? again pull over and respond.
* You do not transmit ? either via Blackberry or laptop ? while you are driving.
* You do not drive at excessive speed to make some deadline or get a shot of some celebrity or the Prime Minister.

If it takes longer for you to respond to something, or to complete something, so be it.

The policy clearly states no one will be disciplined for failing to answer a device while driving. Violating the policy can however result in discipline.

No employee should be criticized, questioned or scolded for either not responding quickly enough – or taking too long to do something – while driving to or from an assignment. If this happens, let the Guild know immediately.

If you have any questions, contact CMG Staff Representative Kathy Viner by email at kathy@cmg.ca or telephone at: 416-591-5333; 1-800-465-4149.

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