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Guild presidents urged to set up election committees for fall elections

The first CMG-wide elections – national, branch and location unit – are coming up at the end of the year. We’ve set December 5-9 as the voting period for all CMG elected positions: the location unit executives (for CBC and CP), all branch executives and the National Executive Committee (NEC), as well as our three trustees.

We plan to issue the call for nominations next Monday, September 23. But before then, we need your help.

All location unit presidents : please create an election committee of two or three members by September 20. These volunteers can be current executive members or regular members at large – as long as they are not running for a position themselves. It will be their job to collect nomination forms and run their local elections. A reminder: location units have the option of running their elections using the Guild’s online voting system if they wish to. Large location units (e.g., CBC Vancouver) or location units that are spread over a wide geographic area may wish to exercise this option, whereas in smaller units (e.g., CP Halifax) it probably makes more sense to use paper ballots for any location unit elections. Once you’ve found your volunteers, please send a note to vote@cmg.ca so we at the national office know who we should be dealing with on election issues in your location.

All presidents of location units and branches : please make sure your members know the structure of your executive. The Guild’s bylaws require a minimum of three executive officers: a president, a vice-president and a secretary-treasurer. Beyond that, executives have the right and are encouraged to build an executive that reflects the needs of members in their location or branch. For example, some executives choose to split the secretary and treasurer functions into two separate positions. Other location units choose representatives from each building, media line or production unit. Let your members know what your structure is so they know which positions they can run for and vote for.

The Guild has created a web portal to help members, whether they’re organizing an election, trying to decide whether to run or considering their choice as voters. Go to http://www.cmg.ca/en/category/elections/ to get the latest information and resources. We’ll be adding more materials over the coming weeks, including copies of the nomination form, candidate bios and information about our online voting system.

If you have any questions about anything related to the elections, please contact me at keith@cmg.ca or Jon Soper, president of the national elections committee, at jonfsoper@yahoo.ca.

Keith Maskell

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