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Guild stands by advice to members about Rubin investigation

The CMG would like to reinforce the advice we gave to members earlier this week about speaking to the Rubin investigation.

1) Interviews are being recorded and people being interviewed will not get a copy of the tape or a transcript until the investigation is completed and the findings and recommendations provided to management;

2) Contents from the interview could be used in a disciplinary process against the person being interviewed;

3) The final report will not be released to CBC employees, only a summary of the findings and the recommendations.

It is essential that employees know the facts of the process. We are basing these statements and advice on direct discussions and correspondence with both senior CBC management and Janice Rubin. Rubin has stated in writing to the Guild that if CBC management informs her that it has given notice of a disciplinary meeting to an employee, she will provide management with all of the information that she received from that employee as well as her recording(s) of her interview(s) with the employee. Ms. Rubin has also informed the Guild that the issue of management’s access to and use of information provided to her for disciplinary purposes is out of her hands and that the Guild will have to address it directly with management.

We want the truth of what happened to come out and, just as important, for the culture of the workplace to improve so that people are safe and secure at work. We know this change takes a collective effort and we commit everything we have to help make it happen.

If you are going into an interview or have already had one with Rubin and have any concerns, please get in touch with the Guild at info@cmg.ca or by calling 416-591-5333 or 1-800-465-4149.

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