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Guild to continue bargaining first agreement at AAC

Yesterday’s announcement of the sale of Alliance Atlantis Communications’ broadcasting business to CanWest Global does not affect the Canadian Media Guild’s approach to bargaining a first collective agreement for AAC’s technical operations staff.

The Guild will continue to negotiate with AAC management for a first agreement, based on the objectives determined by our members, including career development opportunities, improved pension and benefits, and a fair process for dealing with conflicts in the workplace.

Under Canadian labour law, unionized employees retain their union membership if their employer’s business is sold. That means the Guild will still represent technical operations employees at AAC after the sale is finalized.

The Guild has requested information from AAC management on any anticipated changes to the technical operations department following the sale. We will keep you informed of all developments.

For more information, contact Keith Maskell (keith@cmg.ca) at 416-591-5333.

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