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Guild welcomes Postmedia to CP

The Canadian Media Guild welcomes the announcement Monday that Postmedia Network has signed an agreement to get content from The Canadian Press.
The return of some of Canada’s biggest newspapers and their online counterparts, formerly under the Canwest umbrella, to the national wire service is of no small significance.  It will mean added revenue for The Canadian Press.  It is also recognition of the dedication, hard work and sacrifices of Guild members at CP who produce some of the highest-quality journalism in the country.
While the announcement is good news for The Canadian Press, the deal comes at the expense of 25 jobs at Postmedia — jobs held by people just as dedicated as employees at CP.
“The Postmedia contract should provide CP and its employees with a greater sense of stability, at least for the next three years,” said Terry Pedwell, the Guild’s CP branch president.

“But as employees at CP may feel like celebrating we must remember that more than two dozen people, many with whom we work side-by-side on a daily basis, will no longer have jobs.”
CP managers announced the three-year contract shortly after Postmedia executives broke the news to their own employees and clients.

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