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Happy May Day from your Union Local

The May Day cookies are back!

Whether you are part of a committee, or a steward in your area, or you actively support your coworkers in upholding their rights, we appreciate all that you do. The union can’t work well without knowing what’s happening with our members working in the building, in the field or teleworking.

Your efforts matter and help to create positive change in our workplace.

To thank you for that, and more, we invite everyone working in the CBC Broadcast Centre on May 1st to drop by and have a May Day cookie. It’s a celebration of solidarity within our workplace, and a way for us to recognize your connection to our union. If there’s anyone in your area that needs some union advice, bring them with you. It will be great to see you again and meet some of you for the first time in person.

Come find us near the security desk at the Front Street entrance between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 1st.

We understand that as some members telework, it may not be possible to join us for May Day.  We are planning to host other member events throughout the year as well.  Please keep an eye out for our newsletter or emails with event updates.

Toronto Location Unit Executive Committee
CBC/Radio-Canada Branch, Canadian Media Guild

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