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Harry Mesh to fill in as Staff Rep for Eastern Region

CMG has hired a temporary staff rep for the Eastern region to ensure that members are well served during this transition period following Gerry Whelan’s departure. Harry Mesh is a longtime volunteer activist, who has spent years doing union work. Harry is familiar with the work CMG does in our different workplaces, and he knows CBC collective agreement particularly well having been a member of the last two CBC bargaining committees.

He will work full time as a temporary union rep until the end of May, assisting Gabi Durocher, the CMG’s permanent Eastern rep who will take over the duties of Eastern rep at that time.

If you have questions about your collective agreement, or issues in the workplace please contact Harry directly at harry.a.mesh@gmail.com/ (709) 572-1539.  Beginning May 1st, 2015, Gabi can be also be reached directly (Gabi@cmg.ca/ (613) 860-1118/ 1-877-947-9477.

For your local presidents and executive committees visit http://www.cmg.ca/en/, go to Contacts and follow the links.

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