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I am a CMG member at Corus and we need your support!

I am a CMG member at Corus and we need your support!

I am a Canadian Media Guild member at Corus and I am asking for your help getting our message out to other workers at Corus headquarters. Why? Because we all deserve the protection and voice of a union!

If you know anyone employed at Corus Entertainment headquarters in Toronto, particularly in broadcast operations, please help us get the word out as we work to save our union.

Here is a bit of background:

Corus bought Shaw Media last year, and I was one of the 60 or so CMG members working in broadcast operations at Shaw at the time of the sale. About one third of us now remain working at Corus. And, the future of the union at Corus depends on how employees in broadcast operations vote at a Labour Board election taking place later this week.

This is where you come in.

If you know someone working at Corus right now, especially in broadcast operations, please get in touch and encourage them to visit http://cmg.ca/corus/ and to fill out a totally confidential membership card, that will put them directly in touch with CMG at Corus. Corus management will never know they’ve been in contact.

Also, I encourage you to share this message on Twitter, Facebook and other social media.

The Shaw family, which owns Corus, is one of the richest in Canada and is profiting from the work we, the employees, do. Revenues and profits are up since Corus bought Shaw Media. But Corus employees report having some of the lowest salaries in the industry. That’s not fair.

I know that without a union, there is no way to make sure we get a fair share of the value we produce.

Since the union was started at what became Shaw Media, we negotiated good base salary rates and have guaranteed vacation and benefits entitlements that are well above what the law requires.

Without a union, the company will have full control over what it pays individual workers, and will be allowed to reduce benefits and vacation to the minimum that the law requires. We as employees will have no collective voice and be at the mercy of our manager, and Shaw executives, for our livelihoods and our career development.

There is a full Q&A here for Corus employees about joining the union.  Please help us spread the word! 

If you want to talk more about this campaign, please get in touch with Kat Lapointe (kat@cmg.ca or 416-795-8598) or Matt Douglas (matt@cmg.ca)

 Thank you!

-Signed, a CMG member at Corus


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