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Introducing our “CBC Campaign” Coordinator

Over recent years, as we have suffered grueling cuts from successive governments we realized part of the problem is a lack of understanding and at times appreciation for public broadcasting

Governments in power will always bristle at critical news, but that is our raison d’être.  To overcome this distrust leading to financial repercussions, what we need (besides visionary leaders) is a way to share with Canadians WHY public broadcasting is so important, so that the support (and votes) would force ANY government to back off cuts, and increase funding.

You may ask why CBC doesn’t do its own PR.  Perhaps because the CBC President and board won’t criticize the same politicians who appoint them. But regardless, someone should be promoting the great work CBC does, and CMG has stepped up.

We have seconded longtime CBC producer, Kam Rao to strategize, mobilize and otherwise make CBC/Radio-Canada a priority in the 2015 federal election. Our goal? To make Canadians love CBC/Radio Canada as much as we do.


Kam Picture - smallHere is Kam Rao’s Bio:

Kam holds two elected positions with the Canadian Media Guild (CMG). She is a member of the National Executive Committee, serving in the role of Director of Human Rights and Equity. As well, Kam serves on the executive of CMG’s Location Unit at the CBC in Toronto. She’s also a member of the CMG’s Advocacy Committee at the national level.

Kam’s first TV job was as a videographer on a weekly youth-oriented CBC show,  traveling across Canada. The program, Road Movies, featured eight young videographers journeying separately across the country. In that role, she researched, shot, scripted, and presented a weekly video feature, reporting solo from British Columbia, Alberta, NWT, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

Most recently, Kam has worked as a chase producer at CBC News Network. Previously, she’s done stints at the Arts Unit and been involved in network special programming. Prior to that, Kam was based at The National, Straight From the Hip with Judy Rebick, and the CBC Newsworld debate program Face Off.

During her career, Kam has produced news items, longer-form pieces, one-on-one feature interviews, as well as regularly scheduled panels. For instance, she produced the “At Issue” panel at The National, and also live interviews after 9/11. A documentary she produced, examining the mistreatment of a child in state care, was nominated for a Gemini in 2007. She was also lead producer on several specials, including “Cool To Be Kind” (focused on positive change initiatives) and “Made in Canada” (focused on domestic production & manufacturing).

Kam’s community involvement is focused on the labour movement and developing our links to other progressive social movements, particularly initiatives undertaken by unions that link workers’ struggles to wider civic concerns.

Kam has collaborated with CMG’s staff and other CMG activists, at various levels of leadership, contributing to a campaign to promote and defend CBC/Radio-Canada as a public broadcaster worthy of strong public investment.

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