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Journalist Union Condemns Violence Against Media

The union representing a significant number of Canada’s journalists condemns any and all violence and targeted attacks against media professionals.

The Canadian Media Guild is calling for better awareness and understanding of the crucial role the media plays in providing real and concrete information in the public interest. For that reason, media professionals must be protected.

The union that represents more than six thousand media workers across Canada, is shocked and saddened by the recent, unacceptable anger and violence directed at journalist crews in the United States, and parts of Canada.

We are calling on all networks who employ media workers to boost protective measures including –  hiring on-site security, providing protective gear, danger training, and a post-trauma process to ensure Canada’s journalists are not prevented from doing their jobs, and digging up the facts behind the stories in the news.

No one in Canada should be risking their lives, simply by going to work.

Kim Trynacity, President CBC at CMG
Carmel Smyth, National President, Canadian Media Guild

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