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Media retirees stay connected

By Terry Ledrew

My union was always there for me, from early days of Nabet, to the CMG of today. My one regret is having waited 25 years before I mustered the guts to run as VP locally,  then for national director of small stations. My time in that position was the happiest and most fulfilling experience I’d had with CBC.


So last weekend (CWA Canada retirees founding meeting) was like coming home.

I loved the camaraderie.

Loved the arguments.

Loved the insights.

The thoughtfulness as each one expressed her/his opinion. Bravely… as it might have, at first, appeared to sound discordant.

Then invariably, each individual voice led us to check our own assumptions, and learn from what was being said.

Isn’t this what we want to encourage every worker, everywhere, to feel safe in doing?

Terry LeDrew
Producer/Reporter (Retired)
CBC Nfld

Join the Media Retirees’ Council FB page at: https://www.facebook.com/ret.council


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