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Members ratify first agreement at S-VOX

Canadian Media Guild members have ratified their first collective agreement at S-VOX.

The official numbers are as follows:

Total ballots cast: 46
Yes: 35 (76.1%)
No: 11 (23.9%)

The count was conducted by members Rob Vansickle and David Todd, along with CMG staffers Keith Maskell and Nathalie Bourque.

Senior management at S-VOX must also ratify the agreement; that is expected to occur in the coming days.

Your CMG dues will be deducted automatically beginning in September, when this year’s salary increase takes effect. CMG dues are 1.55% of your earnings.

We are very pleased with the high voter turnout, as well as the strong show of support. The next phase is to ensure the agreement is respected. It outlines your rights in the workplace and all of us will have to work to make sure that the collective agreement becomes more than just words on paper.

We would like to thank all Guild members once again for your support and feedback over the past two years. We couldn’t have done it without you.

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