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More information on the sale of Christian Channel

More information on the sale of Christian Channel

Earlier this week we met with representatives of S-VOX as part of our ongoing joint committee process. The main topic of discussion was the recently announced sale of The Christian Channel business to World Impact Ministries.

S-VOX was able to give us some details that weren’t immediately clear in the original announcement. Most important to Guild members is that no job losses are expected as a result of this purchase. WIM is essentially buying the Christian Channel CRTC licence and business, including the Christian Channel?on-air brand and the right to program the station; S-VOX employees will continue to be responsible for master control, traffic, contracting/collections and other aspects of the day-to-day operations of the Christian Channel. It’s also worth keeping in mind that the sale is still subject to CRTC approval. We also learned that the Joytv stations in BC and Manitoba will remain S-VOX properties and are not included in the pending sale to WIM.

S-VOX and the Guild are committed to maintaining a good relationship, and both sides have agreed to do their best to ensure that communication between the two is regular, timely and sufficiently detailed to allow both organizations to do what they need to.

Rob Vansickle, S-VOX branch president
Keith Maskell, staff representative (keith@cmg.ca)

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