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Negotiations with VICE management resume

The CMG bargaining team at VICE met with the company on Friday to resume our negotiations for a new collective agreement. Bargaining had been put on hold due to the pandemic.

We hope to build on the progress we have already made, and will continue working hard for improvements to our wages and working conditions.

As part of the bargaining process, we have also enquired as to the status of the current office of Vice Canada. We hope to have further information on this item we can share with you soon.

Our next bargaining dates are scheduled for December 11 and December 18. We will keep you updated on developments.

A reminder

As we move into the ninth month of coping with COVID-19, we know many of our colleagues are struggling to balance new demands and responsibilities.

CMG continues to work with management to ensure better understanding and support for the additional stresses members are facing at work and at home.

We know many members are struggling with the added demands, and coping with the isolation. Please know that you are not alone. Your co-workers are there to support you and so is your union.

We also encourage people to access the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) service. All calls are private and confidential.

You can also speak confidentially with your union rep Julie-Anne Vondrejs (julieanne@cmg.ca) anytime. Julie-Anne joined CMG in September and looks forward to engaging with all members. And as always, please feel free to speak out to your union executive at VICE.

Thank you for continuing to be there for each other, and making kindness part of your daily routine.

Natasha Grzincic (ngrzincic@gmail.com)
Jordan Pearson (
Julie-Anne Vondrejs (
julieanne@cmg.ca), CMG Staff Rep
Carmel Smyth (
Carmel@cmg.ca), CMG National President

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