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Notice of referendum: CMG bylaw amendment

The Canadian Media Guild’s National Executive Committee is seeking changes to the bylaws that set out the way the union operates. We’re asking you to approve the changes in a referendum.

Our current bylaws require us to have a convention every two years, with another meeting in the off-year involving CBC location unit presidents, the presidents of all the branches and their executives. The problem is that these off-year meetings have no mandate or power and no specific function. The NEC is proposing that we eliminate these non-convention year meetings from the bylaws. This would not stop branches such as CBC or CP/BN from holding presidents’ meetings once a year; it’s just that the branches wouldn’t have to do this jointly anymore. If this amendment passes at referendum, we expect to be able to free up $150,000 every other year for other important activities.

At the same time, the NEC is proposing that the biannual convention be augmented so that location presidents and all branch executives automatically go to convention, in addition to the regular delegate allotment from every location as per the representation formula. This would mean more delegates per location. Our next convention is planned for April 2008.

To read the exact wording of the bylaw amendments, click here .

All members of the Guild currently in good standing (i.e. those who have signed a membership application card and are paying dues to the union) are eligible to vote. The vote will be held in conjunction with the election of delegates to TNG/CWA conventions, to be held March 7-9.

Members with any questions about these bylaw changes should e-mail national president Lise Lareau at lise@cmg.ca or national vice-president Scott Edmonds at tsedmonds@yahoo.ca.

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