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Opportunity: Paid CMG equity internship position (4 months)

Help make CMG your union! The work of the union is driven by the needs, desires and vision of all of its members … so count yourself in!

The Canadian Media Guild is accepting applications for 3 four-month, paid internships aimed at expanding the number of members from equity-seeking groups who are active at all levels of the union. The program is also intended to help develop potential future staff representatives for the CMG.

We are seeking applicants who are CMG members from equity-seeking groups, including visible minorities, people with disabilities, Aboriginal people, women, and LGBT people.

CMG equity interns will have the opportunity to learn about the work of the union first hand, as well as develop projects to help the Guild better represent its diverse membership.

The Guild will assist successful applicants to secure a leave from their regular work and will cover the intern’s work salary and benefits during the internship, which will be located in Toronto. Interns who live outside the Toronto area will be provided one paid return trip to Toronto and assistance in finding affordable, short-term accommodation.

The internships will take place sometime during the next 18 months; scheduling will be finalized according to the mutual convenience of the interns and the CMG.

We strongly encourage applications from members with disabilities. However our National office facilities will not be wheelchair accessible until January 2008. Therefore a successful candidate who requires a barrier-free office will be scheduled to begin their internship in 2008.

To apply: please send your CV along with a proposal for a project that you would like to undertake to help the Guild better represent its members. Your project could be related to member service, mobilization, policy, union education, or political advocacy.

Your proposal should be a maximum of two pages, and will be judged on its feasibility, the originality and effectiveness of your proposed approach, as well as the project’s potential benefit to the CMG.

The CMG equity internship program is also open to non-CMG members with experience in the union movement or a similar organization. However, the Guild is aiming to fill two of the three planned internship positions from within the CMG membership.

The deadline for applications is Friday, January 26, 2007. Applications should be sent to the attention of the Equity Internship Committee by email at info@cmg.ca, by fax at 416-591-7278 or by mail to CMG, 144 Front St. West, Suite 300, Toronto, M5J 2L7 . For more information, contact Karen Wirsig at karen@cmg.ca .

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