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PMSD: We’ve Heard You, Loud and Clear!

The National Joint Performance Management and Staff Development Committee recently advised you that we would be conducting research about the nature and extent of concerns about the PMSD process. The first step was a series of one-on-one interviews and focus groups, which was to be followed by a broader survey of CMG members across the country.

Upon review of the interview and focus group results, a clear picture has emerged. For many CMG members, the process has not worked as it should. This finding is also consistent with the data collected during the CMG bargaining survey.

As a committee, we think that the information we have gathered is sufficient to begin making changes to the process to make it more meaningful for all involved. For this reason, and because of the many other surveys in our workplace, we have decided to forgo the PMSD survey and begin making concrete changes to address the issues you have identified.

For now, the formal PMSD process for CMG members remains on hold. However, supervisors and managers will continue to have discussions with employees about your role in the workplace and any staff development needs you may have.

Stay tuned to the CMG website, your email, and the iO! Website for further updates.

The National Joint Performance Management and Staff Development Committee:

CMG Management

Barbara Saxberg Francois Pageau
Rick Warren Martin Marcotte
Harry Mesh (Co-chair) Saira Gangji
David Ross
Catherine Gregory
Johanne Doucet (Co-chair)

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