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Remember Labour Day on Election Day

By Guest blogger Martin O’Hanlon

Labour Day 2015
Labour Day 2015

As we return to work after the Labour Day weekend, it is important that we do not forget the vital role of labour in building a better country. And it’s not just about all the huge improvements unions have brought about in the past, it’s about defending what we all enjoy as Canadians and continuing to improve society.


Labour Day 2015
Labour Day 2015

That’s especially true as we head into an election that will be pivotal to working people – and to the CBC. It is vital that we all understand the issues in this election so that we can make an informed choice.

As a leader who represents thousands of journalists, I have said repeatedly that I cannot support one political party over another. But that doesn’t mean we must sit idly by and ignore attacks on the interests of our members, the 99% and democracy. When a government, political party or any group attacks the common good, we will stand up, speak out and fight back.

Labour Day 2015 - Martin and Arnold

We need a government that will respect and support unions and working people, not introduce legislation and polices that would drive down wages, delay old age pension, hurt workers, and threaten the very existence of the CBC.



Labour Day 2015
Labour Day 2015

Please take a minute to share with your friends, through social media or otherwise, the importance of electing a government that will strengthen Canada by supporting decent wages, stronger pensions, fair working conditions – and public broadcasting. And please share all the the good unions have done for society do that we can live a decent life and spend time with our families: the weekend, the 40-hour week, medicare, paid overtime, pensions, health and safety laws, on and on.

Let’s fight the good fight, together!


Martin O’Hanlon is the President of CWA/SCA Canada, CMG’s Parent union


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