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Restructuring in Revenue Group: questions remain

It’s been two weeks since the CBC announced the restructuring of its sales jobs. Unfortunately some important questions remain unanswered and the Guild has been pushing for answers to them.

The CBC has yet to inform us whether the newly created jobs will be in the CMG or in APS, the Association of Professionals and Supervisors. The Guild’s position is that the jobs rightly belong in the Guild.

The CBC hasn’t yet shown us the job descriptions nor informed us of what the pay will be. If the jobs are put in the Guild, they will be subject to the Job Evaluation process to determine which pay band they should be in.

The Corporation has also stated that it intends to post the new positions. If the jobs are covered by the Guild and at a higher pay band than the current job(s), the employer has a right to conduct a competitive process and hire the people it feels are best qualified. If any of the jobs are at the same or lower level than a current job, then access to those positions should be based on seniority.

An important note to those employees who may be laid off: severance pay is based on your total compensation, i.e. salary and current commission budget.

We will continue to press CBC for answers to these important questions that affect your livelihood.

For more information please contact CMG staff rep Glenn Gray at glenn@cmg.ca.

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