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Salary progression for short-term temporary employees

Beginning December 17th, 2009, and continuing over the next few months, some CMG short-term temporary employees may notice an adjustment to their hourly rate of pay, as well as retroactive pay, on their Notification of Deposit slips. This is due to a salary review that the CBC is doing for all short-term temporary employees with an active start slip.

A number of months ago, the Canadian Media Guild voiced its concern that salary progression for short-term temporary employees was not being applied consistently. As a result, both parties met jointly in order to develop a set of principles and agreed that language would become part of the new collective agreement between the Guild and the CBC.

Under the new provisions, short-term temporary employees are entitled to progress one step on the salary band after having worked 1950 hours (not including overtime hours) in that band or in higher bands. In addition,
as of April 2009, a short-term temporary employee will progress one step on each salary band worked after having worked in that band for two calendar years, even if the 1950-hour mark has not yet been reached.

Employees who are to receive anniversary increases as a result of this review will be advised of the change in their salary by their manager; they will also be advised of any retroactive pay which they are to receive. The review is being done in phases and the Corporation anticipates that all necessary changes will be made by the end of the fiscal year (March 31, 2010).

If you have worked as a temporary employee and think this may apply to you, speak to your manager and/or continue to check your Notification of Deposit slip for changes. If you haven’t received notice of any adjustments by the end of March, 2010, please contact the CBC’s Shared Services Organization (SSO) at 1-866-999-7888, or contact the CMG at info@cmg.ca or call 1-800-465-4149 or 416-591-5333.

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