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CMG celebrates at Toronto’s Labour Day Parade

On Monday, September 4, CMG members, will join fellow union members in Toronto to mark Labour Day and celebrate our movement’s contributions towards building better working conditions and stronger communities.

It’s a chance to both renew our commitment and have some fun as we pull together for quality jobs, decent pay, and fairness at work.

Bring friends and loved ones, and join fellow CMG members from The Canadian Press, Pagemasters North America, CBC/Radio-Canada, TVO, TFO, ZoomerMedia, Thomson Reuters, APTN, Corus, and VICE Media, as well as freelance media workers, as we join together in solidarity with co-workers across our industry, and beyond.

True to our history

Labour Day is also an opportunity to reconnect with our history and remind ourselves of the impact we have whenever we step up and speak out.

Over 100 years ago, members of the Toronto Typographical Union (TTU) went on strike as part of a workers’ push for a shorter work day.

That early media-worker union inspired 10,000 fellow workers and other supporters to join them in a rally at Queen’s Park on April 15, 1872. Employer maneuvering failed to break the movement, and TTU’s leadership and resolve led to the Trade Union Act, which made unions and our advocacy legal in Canada.

These same values of solidarity and firm intention guide us as we continue to advocate for a healthy media industry that treats workers fairly and fulfills a vital role in our democracy.

Celebrating 100 years of The Canadian Press

This year, we also celebrate 100 years of The Canadian Press, a trusted source of quality news and information for Canadians since 1917.

We’ll be honouring current and former members at The Canadian Press for their dedication to quality journalism with a commemorative CP 100 T-Shirt for all CMG parade marchers.

When / Where / What

Monday, September 4, 2017,  9 a.m.
Free coffee and a light breakfast snack for those arriving before 8:45 a.m.

Meet at the corner of University & Queen, northside, next to iron gates around Osgoode Hall, beside subway stairs (look for the CMG logo).

Parade marches off at 9:30 a.m. SHARP. It starts at University & Queen, proceeds west along Queen St, to Dufferin, and ends at the CNE grounds

Free CMG swag! (Free CP 100 T-Shirts and pan-Guild T-shirts – plus more)
Free Admission to the CNE for CMG members and our friends and loved ones!
Free food/drink/rides tickets for use at the CNE!

Great opportunity to hang out with co-workers, friends, and loved ones, while we celebrate what we achieve together!

RSVP https://www.eventbrite.com/e/cmg-celebrates-at-torontos-labour-day-parade-tickets-37286487889

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