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Supporting our CWA (U.S.) union colleagues at the Eagles concert

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Three CMG volunteers were handing out flyers on Thursday, July 11 in the evening at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto before the Eagles concert, in support of our union colleagues at CWA (U.S.) who are standing up to the CEO of Cablevision, James Dolan.


Dolan moonlights as a singer opening for the Eagles. But the businessman-musician also puts a lot of effort into violating workers’ rights.


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300 technicians from Cablevision voted to form a union over 1 1/2 year ago. James Dolan fired 22 workers in Brooklyn who showed support for their union, CWA; has refused to negotiate in good faith for a contract; gave out raises to all 15,000 non-union workers but excluded the 300 unionized techs, and made personal threats to workers that they would be punished for forming a union.



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The labor board investigated and recently accused Cablevision of illegally firing workers, bribing workers, spying on workers, threatening workers, and bargaining in bad faith.




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For more info, go to www.thecablevision99.org or www.facebook.com/cablevision99

We will be distributing the same flyers at a concert in Newfoundland (Saturday) and in Ottawa (Monday).


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