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Thank you and à la prochaine

As I leave the president’s desk after six years, I take with me lasting friendships and fond memories.

It has been my privilege to lead the CMG with the assistance of a progressive and proactive team.  My thanks to the national executive committee (NEC) for addressing each challenge with the care members expect and appreciate.

Thank you to CMG volunteers, your dedication remains an inspiration. Your hard work has defined the CMG for the future, leaving it politically and financially robust.

Together we celebrated many firsts,  from  persuading Canada’s top astronaut to speak up for public broadcasting at a concert in Ottawa, to co-productions with other unions, universities and advocacy groups promoting journalism. I hope you share my pride in having helped shape the media landscape and ensuring CMG’s continued leadership.

Thank you to the CMG staff, for your talent and commitment. I know the new team will be able to rely on Bruce May and Federico Carvajal for valued insight and leadership.

Thank you Jeanne d’Arc Umurungi for bringing a focused communication approach into the CMG, helping us, for the first time, define a public strategy. I will miss the support of a stellar administrative team who bring decades of experience to serve members.

And thank you Arnold Amber for your friendship and mentorship.

As I return to my desk at the CBC, I do so with  gratitude for the opportunity, and the memories.

Carmel Smyth,
Outgoing CMG President

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