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The Guild is with you in 2012!

2011 was a busy year for the Canadian Media Guild and 2012 is shaping up to be more of the same.

Congratulations to CMG members who settled collective agreements and made gains last year; it was a tough one. We continue to fight against proposed cuts, look for creative solutions and make headway in our ongoing battle to support quality media jobs in Canada.

Changes in technology continue to make our jobs busier and more complex. Whether you embrace the new technology or find it cramps your style, we’re here to help make sure you have an appropriate workload and the training you need to use the tools effectively.

In addition to economic challenges, we are being tested by austerity politics and increasing anti-union sentiment. We continue to work with other unions to stop union-bashing and restore public faith in unions, collective bargaining, and the overwhelming benefits of improving working conditions for everyone.

I thank you for your support in the last year as we work through these issues, including fighting for support for quality media jobs and journalism, increased local news coverage, and public broadcasting.

We continue to be a voice promoting the democratic necessity of a strong and open media. You can help by sharing your energy and ideas. If you or anyone you know wants or needs our help, the CMG is here for all media workers.

Carmel Smyth
National President

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