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The latest on Performance Management/Staff Development

The CBC and the CMG are jointly committed to improving the Performance Management and Staff Development Program and are working together to identify the areas that are working well and those that need improvement.

While this work is under way it is important that you and your manager meet to ensure that you have received and understand your manager’s organizational priorities and that you have had an opportunity to discuss your individual performance management and staff development.

In many cases, these discussions have already occurred as a result of changes in assignment from workforce adjustment, news renewal or general changes in programming. Where the discussion has not occurred, we suggest that the conversation include:

– clarification of individual assignments
– clarification of individual roles and responsibilities
– a discussion of any concerns about workload, and how changes in the workplace may have affected workload
– a discussion of what you need to meet expectations and fulfill your responsibilities – is any training or development required
– a discussion of particular developmental needs which would allow you to be more effective in your current role
– a discussion of developmental needs for future career aspirations

Click here for a tool that has been developed to support you in having these conversations This tool will soon be posted on HR @ my fingertips (hr.cbc.ca), Career and Learning tab, PMSD section.

National Joint PMSD Committee:

Johanne Doucet
Martin Marcotte
Saira Gangji
Beno?t Quenneville

Harry Mesh
Rick Warren
Barbara Saxberg
Michael Tymchuk

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