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Things to remember about reassignments at CBC news

The CMG has received a number of inquiries from members at CBC news about their reassignment because of “news renewal.” Here are some things to keep in mind about reassignments.

CBC management has the right to make, and change, assignments.

You do have rights in the reassignment process. Note that these do not apply to members exercising their rights to avoid layoff:

– No employee who is reassigned will see a reduction in their *base* salary (this does not include additional remuneration).
– If you are assigned to do the principal functions of a higher pay band, you should be paid according to that band.
– Management does not have the right to assign you to a job in a lower classification on a continuous basis.

Our collective agreement sets out that “an employee can be assigned to perform any of the duties within the bargaining unit, provided that such assignments will not be used as any form of disguised discipline. The Corporation shall not change an employee’s assignment capriciously or without justification.” (See Article 33, Assignment.)

There are additional provisions in the collective agreement for producers, who cannot be removed from a program and whose assignment cannot be changed without justification and without a discussion with the affected employee. Further, “senior” and “executive” producer designations cannot be changed “in a capricious manner.” Producers can request reasons for a change in assignment in writing. Click here to view the full article on producer’s authority.

If you have any concerns about your reassignment, please talk to a member of your Guild location executive or get in touch with the Guild (info@cmg.ca) at 416-591-5333 or 1-800-465-4149.

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