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Two members chosen to attend TNG human rights and equity conference

Nicole Brewster of Toronto and Tara Weber of Windsor are going to Las Vegas. They are the winners of the lottery to attend the TNG conference on Human Rights and Equity in June. The contest was open to all members of the CBC Branch of the CMG.

CMG president Lise Lareau drew the names of the winners from among all the entries.
All entrants submitted thoughtful and insightful essays. “The CBC is a national network that has the opportunity to speak to Canadians of different cultures, religions, socio-economic backgrounds and races,” observed Nicole Brewster, adding she’s using the reach of Canada’s national public broadcaster to “provide a different perspective on the types of stories we investigate and how the stories are told.”
Tara Weber reached back into history and Lord John Acton’s The History of Freedom in Antiquity to illustrate the absolute necessity of a nation treating its minorities properly. “The most certain test by which we judge whether a country is really free is the amount of security enjoyed by minorities,” he said.
The essays illustrate that all the entrants are involved in human rights and equity work in their work lives and outside the workplace.

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