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We have a deal with CBC !

After 20 days of face to face meetings, the Canadian Media Guild and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation signed a memorandum of agreement this week in Port Credit, Ontario.

The new collective agreement comes into force on April 1, 2014. Like the last deal, this is a living agreement. That means that the parties will discuss issues if and when they arise.

This agreement is the culmination not only of the four weeks of negotiations which began in August, but is also the result of a much longer process. In 2008 the Guild and CBC fundamentally changed the way we do business, focusing on building a more positive relationship and resolving issues during the life of the contract. The parties met regularly, allowing us to reach agreement in a short time frame. The deal comes four full months before the expiration of the current collective agreement and ensures us five years of stability.

We negotiated a number of improvements to the contract. One improvement is a 1.5 percent salary increase in each of the first two years – this while the CBC is not getting any new money for salary increases from the government. Talks on salary increases will reopen in the last three years, as was the case with the 2009 contract. Given the current economic and political climate, we have reached the best possible agreement and therefore unanimously recommend its ratification.

Highlights of the proposed tentative agreement include: 

– 5-year agreement expiring March 31, 2019
– 1.5 percent salary increase in 2014 and 2015, with future salary increases to be discussed later
– Increases to the Temporary Upgrade rate, taxi rates, shift differential minimums and Northern Language Premium
– The window for parking subsidies in Vancouver and Toronto has been extended to 6 a.m.
– Improved Purchased Leave Plan (currently the Vacation Purchase Plan): we can currently buy 1 week of leave; now we can buy 2
– Commitment to better transparency during hiring and promotion: If you apply for a job and don’t get it, you can get answers about why you didn’t get it and what you can do to improve your future chances
– Stronger language on temporary upgrades as developmental opportunities
– Clarification on temporary employee benefits
– Better access to learning and development opportunities
– New Executive and Senior Producer job classifications
– New Senior Reporter job classification in Band 12

 A dedicated negotiation to resolve freelance issues is scheduled for December.

One important factor leading to a successful negotiation was the involvement of CBC decision-makers at the bargaining table. In addition, the help of our mediator, Warren Edmondson, was invaluable in facilitating the talks.

A ratification vote will take place in January. Further details about the agreement will be provided during ratification.

Your CMG bargaining committee:

Michael D’Souza
Wil Fundal
Allan Gofenko
Elaine Janes
Marianne Malo Chenard
Harry Mesh
Marc-Philippe Laurin, CBC Branch President
Dan Oldfield, Senior Staff Representative
Glenn Gray, Staff Representative and Lead Negotiator


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