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Webinar: How To Best Use Your LinkedIn Account

For those interested, the Canadian Media Guild (CMG) and CWA Canada (CWAC) are hosting a webinar next week that will offer advice about using a LinkedIn account.
In the past, LinkedIn has been known mostly by people who are looking for jobs and networking opportunities. There are discussion groups, blog postings, job postings, and lots of employment recruiters. But in recent months, LinkedIn has made some big changes, becoming a much more powerful professional networking platform.
Social media specialist Katt Stearns will advise on how to take advantage of features on LinkedIn, how to fashion a strong personal profile, and how build your network.

For journalists, LinkedIn can also be a tool  for finding people who have interesting stories to tell or to search for people who may be able to contribute to a story. Katt will show participants how to mount a targeted search, and how to find and keep tabs on groups that interest you. As well, Katt will share some of the newest features LinkedIn is rolling out.

All CMG members are eligible to join in on this live event, Thursday, November 9th at 3PM Eastern Time. To register, go to this link: https://cmgfreelance.clickmeeting.com/how-to-make-the-best-use-of-your-linkedin-account/register
When you are asked for your membership number or access code, please enter your membership number, or enter the name of your applicable branch of CMG, e.g., APTN, CBC, Canadian Press, Corus, Pagemasters, VICE, Thomson Reuters, TVO, TFO, Zoomer, CKOF, AFP, MBS, Freelance, etc.
Live participants will have the opportunity to ask questions of Katt Stearns at the end of the webinar.

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