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Where the Guild jobs are being cut

More than 300 frontline CBC and Radio-Canada employees outside Quebec have now been given notice that their jobs will disappear as a result of the cuts being made this spring. Below is a preliminary breakdown of how the locations are affected. The numbers include all job cuts: layoffs, voluntary retirements, contract non-renewals and abolition of vacant positions.

Toronto 155
Vancouver 45
Edmonton 16
Calgary 13
Windsor 13
Halifax 12
Ottawa 9
Winnipeg 9
Sudbury 8
Yellowknife 8
Charlottetown 6
St. John’s 6
Thunder Bay 5
Corner Brook 3
Fredericton 3
Regina 3
Sydney 3
Whitehorse 3
Gander 2
Grand Falls 2
Saint John 2
Saskatoon 2

These numbers will likely change somewhat by the end of the summer, when the redundancy and layoff process is expected to be complete. However, virtually all CBC and Radio-Canada station will feel the effects of the cut.

The jobs affected are in all areas of work: administration, technical, production and on-air. They include hosts, producers, researchers, reporters, editors, broadcast technicians, transmitter technicians, sound technicians, videographers, directors, and administrative support personnel.

If you need any help or information from the Guild, please speak to a member of your location executive, write to info@cmg.ca or call 416-591-5333 or 1-800-465-4149. You can find out more about the layoff process by clicking here.

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