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Why CMG is attending the CEP arbitration hearing on September 1

Some of you have received an e-mail or been approached by members of the CEP about an arbitration hearing that is beginning tomorrow, September 1. With all due respect to our colleagues, we’d like to correct the record.

The Sept. 1 hearing is to deal with a grievance that CEP filed against the employer, alleging that TVO was requiring a CMG member to do work that CEP believes falls under its jurisdiction. Local grievance meetings between CEP and TVO failed to produce a resolution, so CEP has put the case in the hands of a neutral arbitrator.

CMG is attending the hearing as an “interested party”, in that the arbitrator’s ruling in the matter will affect Guild members. CEP is objecting to the Guild’s presence at the hearing, and has so far refused to provide us with any particulars of the grievance, any evidence or argument to support its contentions. Part of our role in attending the hearing will be to listen and then try to ascertain what the facts are before we take any position or make any statement on the issue.

As technology continues to develop in the broadcasting industry, it’s clear that jurisdictional disagreements are likely to become more frequent. That’s why the CMG collective agreement provides for a tripartite (TVO/CMG/CEP) process where all three sides could discuss the arrival of new technologies and work practices, and how to avoid disputes. CEP has consistently refused to participate in any tripartite meetings.

If you have any questions about anything that you may have read in CEP communications, or anything else for that matter, please e-mail me directly, or contact Keith Maskell at the Guild office at keith@cmg.ca . I’m on holiday until after Labour Day, but in my absence you can also speak to Gregg Thurlbeck.

The Guild will continue – as we always do – to work on your behalf and to try to minimize conflict in the workplace.

David Hawkins
President, TVO Branch

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