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Worker Health and Safety is front and centre on Day of Mourning 2020

On National Day of Mourning, the Canadian Media Guild (CMG) joins unions across the country to remember the many Canadians who have lost their lives or suffered injuries at or because of work.

On behalf of all CMG members, we honour those who have lost their lives or risked their health doing the work that helps keep everyone safe during the unprecedented public health crisis caused by COVID-19. Our thoughts are with the families and communities who have been affected so deeply in recent months.

We hold a special place in our hearts for those who continue to perform their duties during this global pandemic, and join the calls for appropriate protective equipment and measures to maximize their safety.  

Among others we salute nurses, doctors, and  other health and personal care specialists, as well as the many public service workers, whose efforts keep our families safe, and our lives running as smoothly as possible.  Among these vital services is the work of Canada’s media professionals, including journalists, who continue to do their utmost each day to provide trusted information we rely on to make daily, and often critical decisions.    

Today, we would like to also pay our respects to the victims of last week’s horrific shootings in Nova Scotia. We extend our condolences to the families, friends and neighbours who have been affected and traumatized by the tragedy. We also recognize the media workers who are covering these heartbreaking stories in order to bring understanding to communities in pain.

While we mark April 28, 2020, we believe the health and safety of workers should be a priority every day, every year, in every workplace. We will continue fighting for this right, until every worker in Canada can do their job in safety.

Carmel Smyth, National President, Canadian Media Guild

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