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Year-end message from CP Branch president Terry Pedwell

It is with mixed feelings this year that I offer you words of cheer for the Holiday season.

We lost many good people over the course of 2014, and unfortunately The Canadian Press continues to act as though it can cut its way to greatness.  We all know it can’t. A successful company is built, not torn down. We understand that our industry as a whole is facing difficulties finding ways to keep itself alive. We can only hope that those at the top at CP are successful in finding ways to recapture old revenues and in building new streams that will allow us to provide the top-notch journalism that our members are known for creating.

Management seems to think that by targeting cuts at services other than editorial, the company’s product and reputation won’t be affected. The fact is that everyone at CP is important, contributing to the quality of the work, and by extension to the revenues that the company can generate. We will all have to work to ensure management understands that.

The Canadian Press has always attracted and retained some of the most talented people in the business. But the company is losing too many of those people. CP needs to find ways to invest in its employees so they can keep the focus on doing their jobs. And our new ownership group cannot simply abandon its investment. Instead, it needs to build it up.

It’s not enough for our employer to say that its employees are its greatest resource; it needs to believe it and show it through its actions. The company can’t just cut employees as though they are nothing more than an ongoing expense that needs to be reduced.

Even as we face these difficult times together, let us take a few moments to also reflect on our accomplishments in 2014.

I am a firm believer that hope can be found within challenges. And when it comes right down to it, we are truly blessed to be part of the “CP family,” where we share common goals, work to educate and inform Canadians and enjoy the kinship that comes from being part of something greater than ourselves.

I hope you take some time to be with family and friends during this festive season, and come back in 2015 invigorated and ready for the times that lay ahead.

Terry Pedwell
CP Branch President, CMG

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