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You don’t owe CBC your diagnosis to go on sick leave

CBC recently issued a note to all staff about changes to Disability Management & Health services that contains false information.

Contrary to that note, you do not owe CBC a full “medical absence report” if you’re required to produce medical evidence that you are unable to perform your job. In fact, CMG recommends that you do not use the Corporation’s medical absence report. This report solicits information that, in typical sick leave situations, the employer is not permitted to have.

CBC can ask for medical evidence after a 3-day absence; a note from your doctor, indicating that you are ill and unable to perform your duties, is enough. (See Article 82.2 of the Collective Agreement.) The doctor should also indicate, if possible, when you are expected to be able to return to work and whether you will need any accommodations when you return (e.g., gradual return to work, restrictions on lifting, etc.).

Never hand over your doctor’s note nor the form to your manager. Send your documents to CBC Disability Management & Health services via internal mail. These private matters are handled confidentially via CBC Disability Management & Health and not through your manager.

The employer is not entitled to intrude into your privacy by demanding a diagnosis and treatment plan at the outset of an illness. However, if illnesses become protracted or there is a question about the state of health of an employee, it can request more information.

If you have any concerns about sick leave, please talk to a member of your local CMG executive.

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