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Guild seeks clarity at Alliance Atlantis

October 12 to 15, the Canada Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) will hear the Canadian Media Guild’s complaint that Alliance Atlantis aided and abetted an anti-union campaign designed to frustrate an organizing drive among technical employees at the company. The Guild hopes the hearing will help clarify the position of workers at the broadcaster.

The Guild has also asked the CIRB to reconsider its decision to order a vote among employees on union representation and instead grant automatic certification to the union at Alliance Atlantis based on the fact that the majority of technical employees signed membership cards within the six-month time limit specified in federal legislation.

CMG has yet to see any reasons why the CIRB has chosen to set aside the cards and order a vote. No date for a vote has been set.

The Guild applied for certification at Alliance Atlantis in July. In mid-August, the Guild filed a complaint to the board alleging unfair labour practices on the part of Alliance Atlantis after a few employees, with the support of management, mounted a campaign to pressure employees into revoking their support for the union.

In the complaint, the Guild asked for immediate certification of the union at Alliance Atlantis.

Regardless of the outcome of the unfair labour practice hearing or application for reconsideration of the representation vote, the Guild will do its best to ensure employees receive accurate information in an open manner, free of intimidation, to help them make a decision.

For more information, please contact the Guild (guild@interlog.com) at
416-591-5333 or 1-800-465-4149.

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