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Seeking web developer for freelance organizing site

CWA Canada/Canadian Media Guild invites interested and available Web Developer-Designers to submit the following for an immediate short-term project:

1. A  résumé highlighting your experience with:
– different web platforms + CMS
– mobile device responsive sites
– web payment systems
– web analytics
– social media & RSS

2. A portfolio of links and samples of your graphic design work.

3. Availability, including for in-person meetings (downtown Toronto).

The union website cmg.ca, already exists to serve members of our 11 bargaining units across Canada. These largely provide information, bulletins, updates and analysis to our membership and other site visitors.

CWA/CMG will build a new, parallel, mobile responsive website to more actively engage current Freelance members, and appeal to potential members. The site will borrow elements and themes from cmg.ca, and interact with some of its posts, while taking a distinctly more graphic, audio visual and interactive approach to produce maximum interest, profile and dialogue.

Please submit your documents, as listed above, to datejie green, CMG Freelance Organiser datejie@cmg.ca by no later than Tuesday 1st October at midnight.

CWA Canada and CMG are equal opportunity employers.

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