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Technicians at Alliance Atlantis vote to unionize

The Canadian Media Guild has filed an application with the Canada Industrial Relations Board to represent about 100 technical employees at Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting, based in Toronto.

The workers are responsible for programming some of the most-watched specialty channels in Canada, including BBC Canada, ShowCase and HGTV.

“The employees at Alliance Atlantis came to us seeking the benefits many other unionized workers in the media enjoy, such as pensions and opportunities for training and advancement”, says Scott Edmonds, vice-president of the Canadian Media Guild, who worked on the campaign. “Alliance Atlantis may be one of the most successful broadcasters in Canada, but that does’t mean its success is automatically shared with its employees.”

The CMG is a leading union in the media sector in Canada, representing employees at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Canadian Press/Broadcast News, TVOntario, Reuters, VisionTV, the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, and was most recently certified at the Quebecor-owned television station Toronto 1.

For more information, please contact Lise Lareau, national president, Canadian Media Guild at lise@cmg.ca or 416-591-5333.

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