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Performance management and staff development (PMSD)

PMSD is back for CMG staff .

If you and your manager/supervisor have had your training about what PMSD is about and how to do it properly, then you should soon be scheduled to have your first conversation.

During the training there was talk about being prepared for the conversation because the more thought you put into it, the more results you can get out of it. Remember, this is your opportunity to have a productive conversation with your manager and supervisor, with tangible results in terms of performance, development and career development.

During your training there will have been references to a Toolkit. Reviewing should be part of your preparation for the PMSD conversation.

You may have received a Toolkit handout during the training. It is also on CBC’s corporate iO site under ‘HR @ for Employees”.   

Frequently Asked Questions
Development plan
Great conversations
Strengths – examples and definitions

iO Site:

Navigating the form: https://ed.cbcrc.ca/en/course-outline/navigating-my-performance-and-development-dialogue

Focusing on strengths: https://ed.cbcrc.ca/en/course-outline/focusing-on-strengths

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