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Pre-retirement information

Please see the following links (PDF) for information you may find helpful when you are planning retirement.

This information has been adapted from the Congress of Union Retirees of Canada Retirement Information Course and special thanks to them for making this information available to us.

Please be advised that from time to time changes are made to tax law, pension requirements and best financial practices as well as many other factors that may affect your retirement decisions. We will make an effort to keep this information updated, but always verify information with the various organizations or professionals in the field before finalizing any decisions.

Introduction – Goals and Assessment
Part 2 – Wills, Legal
Part 3 – Relationships
Part 4a – Retirement activities
Part 4b – CURC Info
Part 5 – Finances A
Part 6 – Finances B 1
Part 6 – Finances B 2
Part 7 – Finances C
Part 8 – Finances D
Part 9 – Finances E
Part 10 – Women and Retirement
Part 11 – Health 1
Part 11 – Health 2
Part 12 – Conclusion

For CBC specific retirement information go to the corporate websites. The information on both these sites is constantly up-dated as information changes.


Life Events – Approaching Age 65 or Retirement.

The Pension Administration Centre website has been simplified. An employee can now access it directly from IO using their regular password.


Please see Article 51 Severance Pay on Retirement of the CBC/CMG Collective Agreement to understand whether (a) you are eligible for long service and (b) if so, approximately how much you may be eligible to receive.


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