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Privacy policy

The Canadian Media Guild will use the information you provide to us to sign you up as a guest on MediaTech Commons, which is hosted by IBM Smart Cloud Engage. We may also communicate with you via email from time to time to let you know about campaigns and news that may be of interest to you as a media and/or technology worker in Canada. At any time, you can write to Karen Wirsig (karen@cmg.ca) to ask to be removed from our distribution list.

We will not share your information with any third party, other than your user name and email address with Smart Cloud for the purpose described above.

The Canadian Media Guild screens requests to join the MediaTech Commons to ensure that participants are frontline media or tech workers whose purpose is to join and share in the Commons. To ensure as safe a space as possible for participants to share their experiences, we will not be admitting hiring managers or users who are joining the MediaTech Commons to monitor the activity of their staff, interns or contractors.

The Canadian Media Guild owns all content in the MediaTech Commons community and any MediaTech Commons subcommunities on Smart Cloud. The Canadian Media Guild will not use information or content contributed by you for any purpose outside the Commons without your express permission. IBM does not claim any ownership to content in Canadian Media Guild communities. You can read the IBM privacy policy here.

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