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Producer’s Authority at CBC/Radio-Canada

Article 34 of the CBC-CMG Collective Agreement

34.1 Producers have authority over and responsibility for a series of programs, a program or segments of programs in Radio, Television and CBC.ca. They work under the overall authority of management. Producers will participate from the earliest
possible stage in the development of programs they are to produce.

The Producer’s authority, consistent with the job description, is recognized at the level of conception, production, direction and completion of a program and gives them the right:

a) to submit and discuss any program project they consider worthy of interest;
b) to participate in the development of program objectives and the intellectual, material and financial development of a program. Failing such participation the Corporation cannot impose the production on the Producer;
c) not to undertake the production of a program if they do not concur in the program objectives, including, but not limited to, the program content, form and style, resources and allotted production time and audience objectives;
d) to exercise authority over and be accountable for resources and all stages of production within the program objectives, from the time the Corporation
decides to undertake its production;
e) to choose and appraise participants, select resources and elements of the program within the mutually agreed program objectives;
f) to re-negotiate program objectives if any major element including, but not limited to, program content, form and style, participants, resources, allotted production time and audience objectives are changed.

The above rights shall not be exercised unreasonably.

34.2 Once a project is approved and a budget established, the Producer is accountable for using these funds according to the requirements of the program or program series, taking into account the availability of services and resources.

34.2.1 The Producer may obtain from his/her supervisor all information relating to the direct and indirect cost of his/her program(s).

34.3 The Corporation will protect the authority of the Producer over the content, form and budget of the program it assigns to him/her and shall not intervene except to protect and achieve agreed program objectives and its basic interests as defined in Article 1.3 (Purpose and Intent – Management Rights). The Corporation delegates to the Producer and/or Director full authority over employees in the studio, control room, on location and in post-production facilities during the rehearsal, production and broadcast of the program and will not intervene except to protect Corporation regulations.

34.3.1 When a Producer and Director work on a program or series of programs, final authority rests with the Producer.

34.3.2 When a program is assigned to an Executive Producer, the Producer recognizes the final authority of the Executive Producer at the level of conception, production and completion of the program.

34.3.3 Except in an emergency situation, the Producer will be consulted and his/her opinion will be taken into account in any postbroadcast editing of his/her program.

34.4 The Corporation shall not change a Producer’s assignment or remove him/her from a program or series without justification and will act only after considering the Producer’s performance in meeting mutually agreed objectives of the program or series, and after discussing his/her performance with the employee. At the
request of the Producer, the Corporation will supply reasons in writing for such change or removal.

34.5 No person holding a managerial position in the Corporation may be assigned as a Producer unless the management functions of this person are officially suspended while he/she functions as a Producer.

34.6 The Corporation undertakes to include fair mention of the Producer in written publicity, on-air and web promotion.

34.7 Executive Producer and Senior Producer special assignments are given at the Corporation’s discretion.

34.7.1 Executive Producers may have authority over one or more programs or series and over the Producers assigned to such programs. Generally the Executive Producer plans, conceives and/or develops the production of a program or series of programs. His/her work will have a regular and ongoing requirement to co-ordinate the work of others. Under the overall authority of Management, Executive Producers shall maintain a continuing and close relationship with Producers under their authority in the day-to-day exercise of their respective

34.7.2 Senior Producer assignments recognize the complexity of the tasks performed, impact of decisions made, and the skill and experience required of the incumbent.

34.7.3 Executive and Senior Producers must have recognized competence in the field or activity in which they work.

34.7.4 An Executive Producer shall receive at least an additional ten percent (10%) of basic salary for the period of the assignment. A Senior Producer shall receive at least an additional five percent (5%) of basic salary for the period of the assignment.

34.8 The Corporation shall not change the special assignment of any Senior or Executive Producer in a capricious manner. Any significant changes to Executive or Senior Producer assignments shall be made in consultation with the employee concerned. If the Corporation removes an employee from such an assignment,
he/she will be given written reasons for such removal, if requested. Appointment to, or removal from, Executive or Senior Producer assignments shall not be subject to the grievance process.

34.9 Associate Producers, with direction from one or more Producers, may participate in the production, direction and post-production of a program or program segments. The Producer must ensure that there is a demonstrable and appropriate level of contact, guidance, direction and involvement with the Associate Producer.

34.9.1 It is understood that an Associate Producer does not perform the full range of Producer responsibilities nor have full authority over a program or program segments as outlined in 34.1. Associate Producers will not be hired inappropriately to perform the full functions of a Producer.

34.9.2 In the absence of a Producer with responsibility for the program, an Associate Producer, if assigned to replace the Producer, will be upgraded and assume the responsibilities of a Producer. These responsibilities can include production, direction and postproduction or parts thereof, depending on the program.

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